Our Experience

Every member of our team, including our management and shareholders, has sufficient experience in freight forwarding & supply chain business covering all associated components.

Non-template approach

In attempt to improve both, transit time and cost of airfreight we always approach to every certain transport from different angles, choosing the most convenient option. We have sufficient experience in organization of cargo “airline –to-airline transfer” taking advantage from using airlines, which do not operate direct flights to Kazakhstan.


We are very flexible in organization of cargo insurance with using terms and franchising. Based on our Client request and expectations we can offer any level of guarantees of cargo safety and compensation in case of any loss or damage.

Your personal coordinator

For our dedicate Clients we can offer a personal coordinator who will be available 24 hours 7 days a week. Our coordinators are motivated to provide the highest level of communication with the Clients and are committed to the Client's success.


"Door delivery” a final leg of any international shipment. We are happy to offer delivery of our cargo to any consignee address by any means of transport as per the customer request.



Considering specifics of customs procedures in Customs Union we work with different customs brokers and select the most appropriate broker for any certain location and task of our Customer.



Organization of cargo charter flights is our core business. Working in a such complex industry as aviation charter service we offer selection of aircrafts best fitting the required distance and



Having developed agent network in all industrial countries over the world we can offer multimodal transportation of any cargos from North America, Australia, Africa and other remote locations.



Our team has unique experience in handling of the large industrial project as project freight forwarder and customs broker. Our main goal is real-life experience in different spheres such as



This service is intended for the international suppliers who looks for the complete supply chain decision in Kazakhstan including customs clearance and turn over the goods to the final

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